Welcome to Olga’s the Italian Corner!

Discover our unique Italian Restaurant, our stylish and spacious rooms at only 10 minutes from the amazing Victoria Falls!

Olga’s also offers 9 stylish bedrooms combining Italian design with African tradition and materials, surrounded by a trifocal garden in the heart of Livingstone, just round the corner from the main attractions Zambia’s tourism capital has to offer.

Our motto is: “Don’t give me a fish but teach how to fish”!

Olga is not just a restaurant with a guesthouse! Olga’s represents the final stage of an educational project for vulnerable youth of Livingstone. When you enjoy our Italian cuisine, shop in our showroom or sleep in our rooms, you help disadvantaged youth build their future! 
All Olga’s profits from the restaurant and the Guest House go to
the Youth Community Training Centre (YCTC), a certified school built by the diocese of Livingstone and CELIM (an Italian NGO). The school provides qualified and certified training in electric power, tailoring, plumbing, catering, I.T., and construction techniques to vulnerable youth. Some of the best graduates of YCTC are now employed at Olga’s.

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